Alongside with the KHI activities in towns and cities of Kurdistan, a few cultural activities were held in Mamosta Rojgar's hall, in the women's social development training centre at Halabja. The event was titled "Halabja as the original place for Kurdish culture". 

At ten in the morning, a book fair was opened and some audio-visual productions were commenced by the head of council of Halabja, including hundreds of books and tens of Kurdish song albums. After this, the documentary "Self-sacrificing" was shown, and it was dedicated to the sacrifices of one of the residents of the city, Hoshyar. He played a major role in clearing the landmines and unexploded ordnance in the region. The authors Sheikh Ali and Mala Salih held two seminars at the end, addressing the role of the city's poets in the history, followed by discussions. 

07 Dec 2013



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